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Two years of holidays – children to children

Which child would say no to two years of holiday? Here in Europe, where education is granted probably none of them. In countries affected by natural disasters, it takes 2-6 years for children to return to a safe school. These are usually countries where education is the only hope for a better future. We help these children to educate themselves so that they can help themselves in the future.


We believe that everyone can help and that investment in education is the best investment in the future of our planet.


Our goal is to spread awareness among children in primary and secondary schools, develop philanthropy and solidarity with others, and involve them in helping the children we build schools all over the world for.


The Tusarova Elementary School from Prague was the first to participate in the project. It was taken by four girls from 9.B, who organized the collection, involving all classes of the school and a large part of their classmates. Two years of holiday and helping children in Nepal has become their project. They prepared their own presentations, informed all classes of the school in a short lecture about the work of Happy Hearts and their initiative and the reason why they decided to help and they also presented it to school parents and friends within the school academy. Children painted pictures and made various objects. 


With a collection of the best pictures that pupils painted, they were present at our grand gala dinner, where they presented Two Years of Holidays.


The aim of the project is to get 1,000 children back to schools in two years.

Thank you for your willingness to help

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