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Online auction

May 27 — July 8

This year, we celebrate our 20th anniversary of helping children and communities affected by natural disasters around the world. To mark this special occasion, we have decided to team up with EduArt Experience and Weinberg Auction House and Gallery to hold our first charity art auction.

We approached talented Czech artists who kindly donated their works inspired by their childhood and happy memories. A warm thank you to all of them who shares our values and decided to support us. 


On the auction page, you can bid on artworks or donate a specific amount directly to the construction of the school. All proceeds from the auction will be used for school projects in Nepal, Mexico and the Philippines.


Thank you for joining us in helping children who are still waiting to return to safe schools. 

Curatorial selection EduArt Experience

Ivana Štenclová

Ivana Štenclová (1980) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the drawing studio of Jitka Svobodová. This technique has remained her key means of expression to this day and she continues to experiment with materials. Ornament, which is a frequent motif in her work, has not only a decorative function, but is a carrier of content. The backbone of her work is interpersonal, especially family relationships.

Minimax (2024)

acrylic, plywood (80 x 60 cm)

The face of a child is made up of characters from animated films. What a man often watches also shapes him or her to a certain extent and forms his perception of basic principles and values.

Ivana Štenclová 1.jpg

Veronika Holcová

Veronika Holcová (*1973) studied drawing, painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her work is represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague and in private and public collections in the Czech Republic, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain and the USA. In her paintings she balances between reality and fantasy. She mainly depicts landscapes that are familiar at first sight or resemble real places. In all of them she projects her personal life, feelings, experiences, memories, fantasies, dreams.

Granum Pollinis (2022)

oil on handmade paper (58 x 42 cm)

Drawing from the Erzgebirge Series created in 2022.

It is painted in two shades of red, the shapes resemble flowers, animals and the head of a girl.

It refers to the symbiosis of nature and man, the fragility of being. A small grain of pollen can cause us humans a gentle tickle to a big allergic reaction, but in nature it is an important source of honey, propolis and royal jelly. A small grain of pollen can be powerful. 

So can the will to contribute and help.

Magdalena Roztočilová

Magdaléna Roztočilová (1989) studied painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Jaroslav Róna and completed internships with Kristof Kintera and Florian Reither from the Austrian art group Gelitin. She is a founding member of the Prám studio, where she works on her own free work. Not only shape and mass, but also colour and material are essential for her. 

Madona (2024)

acrystal (30 x 25 x 15 cm)

The bright blue ceramic sculpture represents a mother and child, an eternal symbol understood across history and cultures. The two beings embody the deep connection and constant movement that is the basis of human existence. Love here acts as a universal and inspiring language that connects us all in the endless movement of life.

Magdalena Roztočilová.jpg
Anna Jožová_proces_1.jpg

Anna Jožová

Anna Jožová (1996) studied at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague in the Glass Studio under the guidance of Rony Plesl. She completed an internship at Otago Polytechnic University in New Zealand. Her work with glass is between applied design and free art. She enjoys combining disparate materials and giving classical glass techniques a new context. In her objects she often reflects on the impact of human intervention on the environment, but she also works with humour, as in the Lollipop series.

Lollipop Vase (2023)

blown glass (34 x 28 cm)

Lollipop vases are a humorous response to the financially and especially time-consuming technique of Murano glass. The lollipops are glued inside a pre-designed glass shape and sealed with a special clear material.

Libuše Dlabola Pražáková

Libuše Dlabola Pražáková (1984) graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ostrava in the studio of František Kowolowski and completed an internship in the studio of Painting and Graphic Arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden. Her work is closely linked to personal experiences, through which she reflects on the themes of parenthood, femininity, the everyday and the ephemeral.

Soldier (2024)

acrylic on canvas (80 x 95 cm)

In the painting, Libuše reflects on her role as a parent and investigates the delicate yet contradictory world of her sons' childhood.

Libuše Dlabola Pražáková s dílem 2__.jpg
Petr Hajdyla.jpg

Petr Hajdyla

Petr Hajdyla (1985) graduated from the studio of Prof. Daniel Balabán at the Faculty of Arts in Ostrava and completed artist residencies in the Philippines, Bulgaria and Montenegro. He focuses exclusively on painting, with emotions at the centre of his interest, which he expresses through the interaction of human and animal figures with the natural environment. He likes to combine classical academic methods and his own experimental technique. 

Koikoi (2020)

oil on canvas (50 x 40 cm)

Koikoi oil painting is a tender study depicting an intimate moment after the birth of the artist's fourth daughter. It was created out of a personal impulse, and is therefore an atypical example in the work of an artist who usually moves more in expressive positions and wraps the message of his paintings in mystery and a series of symbols.

Kristýna Šarochová

Kristýna Šarochová (1992) studied in the studio of Painting 3 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. In her work, she explores the possibilities of mediating nature, with childhood and motherhood being a recent theme. In addition to classical painting on canvas, she also works with handmade carpets. 

Connections (2023)

tufting, wool (180 x 120 cm)

The rug entitled Connection depicts the artist in a blessed state and her dog. It is meant to represent the connection between two different beings who, despite their diversity, understand each other without words.

Kristýna Šarochová.jpg
Petr Gruber.jpg

Petr Gruber

Petr Gruber (1989) studied painting and graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and completed an internship in the painting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He has had artist residencies in Germany and Austria. In his landscape paintings based on colour feature motifs of his homeland, with light as the main means of expression. He paints moments on the border between day and night, when a moment of silence occurs in space.

Wet Grass (2022)

oil on canvas (135 x 105 cm)

The oil painting Wet grass minimalistically, yet very suggestively captures the moment of returning from an evening walk. It captures a very brief moment of light between day and night, when no shadow is created. The sky beyond the horizon is still warm from the setting sun, and the foreground slowly shifts to cool colours.

Jakub Tytykalo

Jakub Tytykalo (1984) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Studio of Graphic Art of Jiří Lindovský. During his studies, he completed internships at Jiří Petrbok's Drawing Studio, Jaroslav Róna's Sculpture Studio, and visited the Painting Studio at the University of Madrid as part of the Erasmus programme. His distinctive handwriting admits inspiration from surrealism and cubism. Unlike the Cubist vision, however, the matter in his paintings melts into dreamy pastel compositions.

Hand (2023)

acrylic on canvas (30 x 40 cm)

The Hand is a representation of a magician's hand that invokes and materializes through gestures and formulas. It can also be perceived as the imprint of a human hand transforming into a dove levitating in timelessness.

Jakub Tytykalo.jpg
Natalie Perkof.jpg

Natalie Perkof

Natalie Perkof (1979) studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Ostrava and Brno. She mainly works with figurative painting, but also with installations and product design. In 2005 she received the Graphic Artist of the Year award. She is characterized by her work with carbon and her desire to experiment. In her work she addresses the return to her own identity stemming from the artist's Ghanaian roots and at the same time from the South Moravian folklore tradition.

Small Hand (2024)

a-crystal and textiles (25 x 30 cm)

The object Small Hand from the Naturalness Manual series is an intimate handprint and refers to the natural feminine quality of giving of oneself to others. Offering a helping hand sometimes brings women to the edge of their own capabilities.

Curatorial selection Aukce Weinberg

Rumen Sazdov

Rumen Sazdov (1959) is a Czech painter, originally from Bulgaria, known for his innovative work. His works often combine elements of cubism with lyrical motifs to create a unique visual experience. Sazdov is renowned for his original style and his ability to bring emotional depth to each of his paintings. His works have been exhibited in various galleries around the world and have received recognition both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Paintings from his Parisian sojourn were successfully auctioned by the major French auction houses Millon and Drouot. He is listed in the MAYER auction catalogue. He is also a member of the International Organization of Author's Rights Defense (ADAGP Paris).

A walk in Montmartre

oil on canvas (40 x 50 cm)

The cubist composition captures the morning atmosphere of Montmartre in Paris. The original oil painting using classical impressionist brush and spatula techniques dates from the artist's creative phase in 2007.

Rumen Sazdov.jpg
Adam Jílek.jpg

Adam Jílek

Adam Jílek (1989), a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, has worked in many studios, from classical painting to restoration of classical paintings. He is a painter of the current young generation of Czech artists and despite his relatively young age has developed a distinctive visual and content signature. The central element of his work is animal motifs, to which he lends human characteristics and often works with satire. White dominates the paintings, symbolizing calmness, purity, immaculateness, but also emptiness. Adam's works are represented in many private collections, not only in Europe. In 2019, Forbes magazine included him in its prestigious 30 under 30 list.

You are not one of us II

oil on canvas (140 x 90 cm)

Oskar Felber

Oskar Felber (1992) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of TUKE. Already during his studies, his painting style developed into a bizarre combination of emotions, from light melancholy to grotesqueness and irony. Felber's artistic journey moves between figuration and abstraction, his work reflecting a mixture of influences from pop culture, film, video games and comics. His exhibitions often explore space and encourage thought, leading to installations and contextually sensitive solutions.

Golgotha, The Blue portrait

From the series Healing Season

oil on canvas (100 x 100 cm)

The strong brushstrokes and intense blue colour of this portrait create a powerful visual experience. The work not only celebrates individual character and depth of emotion, but also encourages reflection on the connection between man and modern cultural influences.

Oskar Felber.jpg
SITTING_David Segeta.jpg

David Segeťa

David Seget'a (1977) has been established on the Czech scene for a long time, but recently he has been expanding more into European cities, where he confronts his work with local life. He collaborates with important galleries in Zurich (Jedlitschka Gallery) and Paris (Galerie Figure). The objects of his paintings are living beings. He paints figures, people and animals, where realism gives way to an attempt to capture their living energy. For him, travel is the means and measure of perception of this world. He lets the view through different mentalities, places and interactions permeate his expressive work.


Oil on canvas (130 x 120 cm)

The pictorial composition looks clean and focuses on the girl sitting calmly. The clear background emphasizes her calmness and serenity. The girl faces the unknown with courage and grace, inspiring reflection on her own strength and inner beauty. Her expression evokes a sense of peace and understanding in the viewer.

Sincere thanks to our partners and for their help with the curatorial selection of artworks

EduArt Experience

EduArt Experience is a platform for art collectors who support the development of the art scene through their activities. It turns newcomers to the art world into future collectors. It reveals the behind-the-scenes of the art market and helps to find their way around. It conveys the opinions of the most competent experts in the field so that everyone can buy a work of art that will represent a meaningful financial and emotional investment.

Weinberg Gallery and Auctions

je synonymem pro originalitu, unikátnost a kvalitu v umění. S přístupem založeným na odbornosti a péči o každý detail nabízí širokému publiku sběratelů možnost objevovat exkluzivní a vzácné kusy. V galerii najdete díla jedinečná s historickou hodnotou a estetickou přitažlivostí. Aukce jsou kurátorským výběrem uměleckých děl, které zaujmou i ty nejnáročnější sběratele. 


Thank you for your willingness to help!

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