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Football players for children

Limited charity collection Be Unique that will support the next Happy Hearts school project.

Legends of Czech football join together to support other Happy Hearts schools in Nepal and Mexico. 


Some children in these countries are still unable to return to safe schools. This is despite the fact that several years have passed since the earthquake. 


Together, we can change their future for the better.


And how? By building them a new school.


Our patrons would like to invite you to join them in supporting these children. You can do this by buying a jacket from the limited collection or by sending a financial donation to Happy Hearts Czech. 


The project is supported by Jan Koller, Patrik Berger, Milan Baroš, Tomáš Ujfaluši, Tomáš Rosický, Karel Poborský, Tomáš Sivok and Vladimír Šmicer.


You will get a sports jacket with the original signature of your favourite football legend and you will support our children with minimum 2000 CZK. 


Thank you for helping us change the lives of children for the better.


Thank you for your willingness to help

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