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Future Leaders

Let's support children's education together and join the fundraising campaign

The Future Leaders project combines our long-term mission of supporting education in countries affected by natural disasters with supporting our children and schools through philanthropic activities and a simple crowdfunding campaign. 

Our goal is to spread awareness among children in primary and secondary schools, to develop philanthropy and solidarity and engage them in helping the children for whom we build safe schools around the world. Future Leaders engages primary and secondary school children and actively involves them in helping children in areas affected by natural disasters. Its main goal is to help children and provide them with new safe schools and in turn an education that is crucial for their future. But it is also our children who need motivation and support now, and so this project of ours brings together the talents and natural enthusiasm of our children, carrying our long-term mission but also focusing on helping children and schools, right here in our own country.

We believe that everyone can help, and that investing in education is the best investment in the future of our planet.


Together, we aim to help thousands more children back to school in two years.

Thank you for your willingness to help! 

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