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All Hands and Hearts has urgently deployed a team to Poland to support people at risk due to the violent invasion of Ukraine. Activated and inspired by the personal efforts of our co-founder Petra Nemcova and multiple members of our board who mobilized to support the transportation of unaccompanied minors at risk, we are leveraging our proven disaster response abilities to assist in this extraordinary event. 

While on the ground, our team is liaising with local partners, coordinating bodies, and relief organizations to assess how best to increase our support within this rapidly changing landscape. Throughout, we are coordinating with relevant authorities and partners, and we place the utmost importance on managing the duty of care, migration process, and wellbeing of these minors.  


This is a unique relief initiative for All Hands and Hearts, given our focus on natural disaster relief. Acknowledging the urgent call for assistance in this crisis, we are uniquely positioned to utilize our skills and resources to provide urgent and needed relief for Ukraine refugees. 


Please support our work!

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